The level of care currently available to patients suffering from head and neck cancers is excellent but the opportunity to drive advancements in treatment and to build awareness about these cancers is being limited by the ever-increasing demands placed on national and local healthcare budgets.

We decided to rise to this challenge and work to raise funds to improve all aspects of head and neck cancer treatment for patients in Manchester and the North-West.

Oasis will raise funds to improve head and neck cancer treatment through three key areas:

Research and Innovation

Research is required to better, more effective treatment.  Oasis will support scientists from the University of Manchester and clinicians to develop and roll out important new treatments and new treatment approaches for head and neck cancer patients.  Oasis will also fund innovative ways of providing more effective care.

Equipment and Support

The NHS has limited resources. The funds will be used for clinical equipment and to fund better support for patients with head and neck cancer and their families and carers.


Building awareness about head and neck cancer in terms of its symptoms, treatment and care is critical for optimising the wellbeing of patients and the understanding and competency of those treating or looking after them.

Our funding aims to support educational and awareness-building programmes for all those touched by head and neck cancer including patients, clinical staff, professional carers and the patient’s family and friends.

These programmes aim to cover all aspects of head and neck cancer and provide practical advice for patients and those caring for them before, during and after treatment.