We raise funds in a wide variety of ways – everything from sponsored runs and coffee mornings to charity balls and auctions – and, of course, we’re always pleased to receive individual donations and bequests.

We’re also keen to develop relationships with corporate sponsors who can partner with us on a general basis across periods of time or on an ad-hoc basis in relation to specific events or activity.

Manchester Against Head and Neck Cancer (MAHNC) recently held a charity ball at Old Trafford. They raised a fantastic amount in excess of £35,000, a large part of which will go towards funding the purchase of a highly specialised 3D printer.

Apart from producing a range of items to support surgery, this equipment will enable consultants to produce a physical representation of a patient’s skull and neck which can be used to assess a patient’s condition and plan treatment – a vast improvement on the 2D computer graphic imagery currently available.

Current funding targets…

Tablet Devices for Patients Who Cannot Speak

These devices allow patients who cannot speak due to major surgery to communicate whilst in hospital.

Tablet Devices for the Head and Neck Cancer Clinic

These will be used by patients to communicate and record their concerns, their quality of function and quality of life. This enables doctors and nurses to better assess their problems to help both individual patients and adapt and innovate our care that better matches the needs of patients in the future.

3-Dimensional Endoscope

Endoscopes are small cameras that allow intricate and minimal access surgery in the nose and sinuses and throat. With 3-dimensional technology, surgeons can perform more accurate, safer and more effective cancer surgery.

Health and Well-Being Clinics

These clinics started with Macmillan funding and offer patients after treatment advice, support and education. These address vital survivorship issues that are often neglected. The initial funding has run out and Oasis will continue to fund these events.

Research in Cancer of the Salivary Glands and Sinuses

There has been little progress in the treatment of these cancers over recent years and we desperately need to find effective drug treatments that can be given alongside surgery and radiotherapy.